Pure sine wave inverter
Pure sine wave inverter adopts USA advanced SPWM and CPU control technology with imported power module main circuit. It can convert the DC power 12V/24V/36V/48V to AC power 220V/50Hz with the features as voltage stabilization,frequency stability, low noise and purify pure sine wave AC power supply. Theproduct has low output waveform distortion, high conversion efficiency, strong antijamming performance, with small size, light weight, simple operation, no pollution and so on advantages. It is widely used in all kinds of: the microcomputersystem,communicationsystem, household, aviation,emergency, communications, industrial equipment, satellite communications equipment, military vehicle, ambulance, police cars, ships,solar and wind power field where need emergency backup power supply place to form EPS emergency power supply system.
ELT  certification
Zero switching Pure sine wave inverter
ETL Certified UPS Zero Switching Pure Sinusoidal Wave 1000W